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QUALITY FIRST, QUANTITY WILL FOLLOW. The first purpose is to provide a High Quality, Customizable product. Our second purpose is to provide a manufacturing company that believes that Americans can compete in a global nation. Learning from our past and providing a brighter future for our children is the road map to our success as business owners.


Our showroom is open to anyone who wants to meet us, tour the facility, and see in person, the many different options available on The New Hang Out.  Because we are a small company, we can consider what our customer needs are for The New Hang Out.  This is a fun product, because it is decorative, yet so useful.  The New Hang Out will become an important part to a person’s life because it will EXTEND to them where they can HANG THEIR HAT, COAT, PURSE AND GLOVES, and still look pretty, FORM AND FUNCTION.