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As corny as it sounds my passion is hard work! When my husband and I are working with our team for a common goal, all of us contributing with our individual skills, there is not better feeling. In our remodeling business and now manufacturing The New Hang Out, we all have an important role to the success of this innovation. Because we are a family owned and operated company, our team members have a common goal and a deep respect for each other, which I believe is a sound foundation for any successful business.

A successful business is defined in many ways, not just money.  I consider my remodel business successful because it has employed people for fifteen years, fed their families and gave them a place to feel like they’ve contributed.  In addition, it provided a place for me and my husband to provide construction services and innovative designs to our customers. 

My passion is to see the completed project knowing it came together by our team doing good work.  Now it is time to put all of that passion and experience into THE NEW HANG OUT!

Another passion of mine is to show young people by example that hard work is very important.  Our business was a place that my two daughters learned valuable skills that has carried them to be successful college students.  Our two daughters are not the only young people who have benefited. Our first employee, Matias, has a son who works with him during the summer, and on school holidays.  His son has learned valuable trades and a sense of how hard their dad works every day to provide for his family.  My web designer is also a young man who is ambitious and attends college at night to further his education while working with us.  Here, he has a place where he can make a difference.